new training opportunity

February 1, 2015 in Uncategorized


greetings all – wanted to take a minute to update you about a new training opportunity being started by Nate Loman – currently Nate has created a program he is calling Cyclo-X – he started this at Kent State about 7 years ago and has taken it with him to other spinning facilities in the area – it is a blend of on trainer intervals mixed with off the bike conditioning – you can check out the FB page here…cyclo X – follow that link and it will give you a general description – he is currently launching this at a Crossfit facility in Hudson – Crossfit Cadre –  the first session will be Feb 21 at 11:00 – session will be about 90 minutes of full body intervals – ala cycling and Crossfit – with the use of kettle bells, plyos, core work, and a few other surprises – bring your bike and a trainer – if you have MTB pedals and shoes bring those along and/or extra shoes to change in and out of for transitions to other activities (yes you can work on your transitions as well) :-)…if you have any questions join the FB group and ask, or you can  contact Nate at – loman.nate@gmail –

**so – Nate is in need of a couple riders this week to give things a test run if you want to join him at this new venue – so contact via FB and he can get you more information**