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some event upNates

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last weekend, in true multisport fashion Nate and Bill raced the OMBC series stop at Mohican – Nate took the top step on a large Grandmaster field and Bill was third!! – now that the weather is getting a lil better and we are starting to get some events going – we will be posting what we have been up to here on this site – send anything you want to share to Nate – :-)

this weekend brings some more sports opportunities – a 5k and a grueling gravel ride back down at Mohican – consider this a lil reminder to check the calendar for many events in the area…:-)

we have the Salt Fork trail run in a couple weeks – just a reminder you all get a nice discount on this OO event –


st patty 5k and kilt fun

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we are using this event as our kick-off event –

check email for a discount code from Hermes


strength rides in the works

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hey – think about putting Tuesdays on your calendar for Heart Attack Tuesdays – (that was what stine wants to call it) – I think a better name might be Power Builder – or TeN8cious Tuesdays

the deal is to meet at Station Rd lot – 6:00 – do a hill circuit up Brecksville Climb – down – Repeat –

if late you can join in –

here is link to strava page will also post in team FB



up and running for 2018

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greetings all –

this site is up and running again – we have been asked by our sponsors to get active – so we are gonna work on this and make it happen – (and this site got renewed, so – let’s get after it) –

we are becoming a MULTI-SPORT team – and not a TRI only team – so we are thinking of changing the name of this site to reflect this difference – our members do many different events – so let’s reflect all the thing we are in to as athletes :-)