Bike Authority Thursday Night Rides

Join us for our Thursday weekly group bike ride from Bike Authority (7979 Broadview Rd) at 6:30PM (be ready by 6:25 so not to delay group from starting on time).  We have a mix of all riding abilities and focuses.  In the group you will see several of the BAFF Racing Team as well as some occasional riders from Team Lake Effect Road Racing Team.

Our first ride is 5/1/14 and will continue through the summer typically till mid-September.

For now, we will be using the temporary route mapped below as the days are somewhat still short.  The miles are short but are challenging due to the elevation changes and intensity.

We typically start with 2 separate groups, A & B.

A – Average speed of 20-22 mph on average through the many valley climbs of CVNP
B – Average speed of less than 18mph

All groups meet at the top of climbing out of CVNP.  Smaller 2-5 person groups form after the final climb for the last stretch back to the shop.  This is a no drop ride.

Once finished, we invite all riders to join us for libations and dinner at the Wing Warehouse just next door to the shop.

Temporary Route (subject to weekly change)

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